Jewish Museum in Prague

Art & Science

Tatyana Makarova



Famous Jewish Museum consists not only of the cemetery (of which everybody has of course heard), but also of a complex of synagogues and museum halls. Be prepared to buy the ticket to the museum for quite expensive price in comparison to everything in Prague – 300 Czech crones (around 550 Russian rubles). But buying the ticket after 1 pm gives you an advantage – it can be used twice. It gives you the possibility to visit the complex again the next day, what is very good taking into consideration how many objects and buildings there are inside the complex. It is impossible to see everything in one day, but when visited unhurriedly Museum astonishes you. According to the legend you can make a wish in the cemetery and it of course will come true.

U staré školy 141/1, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Nearest station: Staroměstská

Mon-Fri 09:00-16:30

Sun 09:00-16:30