Alvar Aalto Library

Art & Science


Saint PetersburgRussia


The newly renovated gem of Vyborg and the only creation of Alvar Aalto in Russia, the library follows the Kinfolk design to the letter – natural dispersed light, organic materials, natural ceiling curves shaped as the Gulf of Finland waves wed strict lines and overall simplicity so typical of functionalism. The best (read: the most magical) view of the library is in winter – as if a character from a Bradbury novel is to show around the corner in a moment. The building however looks nice no matter what season it is. The library hosts meet- the- author events, readings and music nights. Spending a day in the reading hall with an art album also sounds great.

prospekt Suvorova, 4, Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia, 188800

Nearest station: VYBORG zheleznodorozhnyy vokzal

пн-пт 11:00-19:00

сб 12:00-19:00