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Saint PetersburgRussia

#Cafe #Club #Bar

A typical locals-only place where Vasilyevsky Island folks spend their weekends. The menu is Nordic: Finnish fish soup, venison, homemade spirits that are great to accompany the food. They also serve lunch and dinner, while weekends are usually active party time – dancing till dawn with energetic oldies blasting out loud. The frequenters are somewhat over 30 and all know one another. Strangers are rare, only those who missed the bridge connection and are not ready to spend another couple of hours admiring the Neva and Petrogradka views. People are friendly, talkative and old school, so be ready to get invited to dance.

Kadetskaya liniya V.O., 31, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 199053

Nearest station: Sportivnaya

пн– чт, вс 12:00-02:00

пт-сб 12:00 - до последнего лося