Natasha Fuchs



Should the club Roxy not had appeared in Prague some time in 1990s, the club life of this city would set absolutely differently. All more or less significant European electronic musicians and DJs played in Roxy, and all more or less famous people marked on the map of club Prague spent their tempestuous youth in Roxy. During myy student years in Prague I spent all weekends in Roxy and still remember the bench in front of the club where people got acquainted with each other. Nowadays the club still holds worthy line-ups, despite the change of the generations, the owners’ approach for managing the club remains as stable as in 1990s; recently the club ran a conference on the problems and perspectives of the club Prague. Except for the club, in the same building there are experimental theatre, gallery and café. So you can visit Roxy not only at night time.

Dlouhá 33, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Nearest station: Republic square

Mon-Sun 19:00-05:00