How to celebrate Halloween in Barcelona and not screw it up?
Where to buy the right outfit, which places to drop in and other ways of having an unforgettable night — all in our guide.

The creative Spanish convert American traditions into their own, adding some spices. Halloween is not an exception. Same as in USA here it is firstly a children's holiday dedicated to commemorating the dead. I​n Barcelona you can always find lots of special events, costume carnivals throughout the city in the ​clubs, bars and restaurants. Going further there is a Catalan tradition of La Castanyada which comes from an ancient ritual funeral feast. People go out to the streets where they eat different sweets like chestnuts, marzipan, sweet potatoes and drink muscatel wine.

11:00Buy a pumpkin in Santa Caterina Food Market

There is one very important element of the Halloween holiday - the pumpkin. Every person should get at least one for their party - the best place to find a real big and beautiful pumpkin is in the biggest food market of Barcelona.

Totally renovated in 2005 by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue, this food market is one of the newest in Barcelona. Outstanding architectural concept with colourful ceramics roof in the shape of a wave posed on a wood structure which shelters all the stalls. Inside you will find a whole lot of local products: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat etc. There is also a famous tapas restaurants «Santa Catarina», loved for its fresh mediterranean food.

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12:00Halloween costume in Menkes

Another important element for Halloween party is picking a costume. If you don’t have time to make it yourself just go to a specialised shop and pick one you will have fun wearing.

Founded in 1950, Menkes is a Spanish traditional Enterprise of tailor shops. They make shoes and clothes, costumes for dance and theatre, flamenco, wedding dresses and all other varieties. Menkes also offers services of hiring suits if you believe the suit will return in the same form. Menkes produces costumes for children and adults of all kinds and you can find a variety of Carnival costumes, especially for Halloween.

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13:00Masks at Arlequín Máscaras

This magical store sells handmade masks. You will be amazed with the choice – veiled, velvet, funny – they have masks of all styles and sizes for quite affordable prices (though all masks are hand-painted). A great option for the next masquerade. Be sure — there are no chances to meet anyone wearing the same mask.

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14:00A snack at Mercat Princesa

Mercat Princessa is a unique place in Born quarter. A big space in a XIX century palace stocks food from all over the world. There is everything one could possibly wish for, from oysters to jamon, from sushi to paella. Everything, rest assured, is as fresh as it gets and can be cooked for you right before your eyes. A glass of cava (Catalan champagne) will make your visit even more pleasing.

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15:30Celebrate La Castanyada in Barceloneta

On November 1st all over Catalonia, and especially in Barcelona, you can take part in one of the region’s most characteristic All Saints’ Day traditions: la Castanyada. It symbolizes autumn and celebrates those who are no longer with us. People get together and hold parties where they eat chestnuts – castanyes in Catalan –, panellets – small balls of almond paste coated in pine nuts –, sweet potatoes (boniatos) and drink moscatel (sweet wine).

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16:00Eat some sweets in Caelum

«In the end, all the cakes and wines have a sacred air and every soul is collected in a chamber wich Paracelsus called 'olfactory chamber’» - the first definition you will find about this place on the web page. It is definitely the best place to go to eat small Castanyada pastries made with marzipan. Caelum - charming cafe that specializes in local pastry baked by nuns from all across the country. Here you can try real delicious panellets (balls of almond paste) and other cookies, tarts, cakes. You can drink a cup of hot chocolate which is kind of speciality of this place or just order a glass of moscatel in maintenance of traditions.

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18:00Take a walk at Сemetery de Poblenou

If you are not afraid of dark burial grounds, when go and visit magnificent cemetery of Poblenou, especially this day.

This oldest cemetery in the city houses over 30,000 burials split into two sections: terraces of burial niches, where commons lie and individual monuments and mausolea, crafted for the wealthy bourgeoisie, merchants and manufacturers of the city by the best masters of that time. Check the famous El Peto de la mort (The Kiss of Death) sculptural composition – a winged skeleton kissing the forehead of a young breathless man.

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20:30Have a dinner at "Dans Le Noir"

The best way to enjoy Halloween night is to pass it in the darkness. This restaurant is exactly what you need, it breaks all traditions - you can enjoy the same exquisite cuisine, but in darkness. The food you eat is always invisible to your eyes. The concept is to discover your senses in a new way - touching, smelling, tasting and hearing.
You can choose from different menus: with meat, with fish, vegetarian or surprise menu. Menus starts from 37 to 65 euros per person.

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