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The only must have for a winter stroll across St.Pete is warm and waterproof footwear. If you have one you will love the city.

Lazy Start of the Day in Obschestvo Chistyh Tarelok

Don't you be in a hurry to have your breakfast in winter - here they know the rule and serve long weekend breakfasts.
Grab their syrniki and a glass of champagne - a perfect match.
The place was opened by Mishka bar founders, one of the hottest St.Pete night spots. It is also crowded and packed with friends but people come here to eat and drink not to freak out. They serve huge salads and original burgers. A lunch option is a goat cheese and beetroot salad and italianoburger with beef, dried tomatoes and pesto. And the dessert is their famous passion fruit soup. As for drinking, try their Ginger Basil or Dushes Samogon.

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Explore The General Staff Building

The director of Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky can be really proud of this new Museum’s wing as it is a huge leap towards everything contemporary and innovative. Perfectly renovated premises are a forum for modern art and host exhibitions by Russian and overseas artists. It was meant to be provocative since the very beginning, as the first show it hosted was Jake & Dinos Chapman’s The End of Fun that caused quite a fuss. In 2014, the General Staff was home to Manifesta 10 international biennale and was the most visited venue in St Pete.

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Sugar Fix in Pyshka Place

Descend from the heights of arts to the earthly world of guilty pleasures.
The famous Soviet heritage, this place has three and a half tables and divine Russian doughnuts (pyshki) – greasy and powdered to be consumed with tea or coffee. It used to be our grandmothers' favorite and still is. One doughnut is 12 roubles, so everyone takes at least a dozen.

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Souvenir shopping in Dom Knigi

So your fingers are finally grease-free and you need some postcards to send your friends. The best are sold on the first floor of Dom Knigi bookstore and you can check the stalls by the cashier's as well: sometimes they even have fortune cookies.
Two-storey paradise for book lovers- not e-books but real paper ones with rustling pages. You can find almost any in The House of Books (the shop's name in English) – on nutrition and meditation, sci-fi and world classics. Some people come here just to read – you can wander for hours along the shelves with Pasternak, Hemingway and Palahniuk, sit on a comfy bench or even take the book you like to the cafe located on the second floor. Stay there for hours and talk literature. This place is a mecca for paperback admirers and those who believe in tactile bond with the books.

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Find your path in Mikhailovsky Garden

The park was founded at the same time as Summer (Letny) Garden and is one of the most well developed parks in the city. It is really popular among tourists as it's close to the Church of the Savior on Blood so if you crave solitude go farther from the entrance. In summer, the place looks gorgeous with all the flowers and the famous black swan in the pond. Have your snack on the steps of Mikhailovsky Palace or bring your kids to a playground with swings (they are actually quite big so you can also enjoy a ride with the view on the domes).

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Lunch in Cafe Polyot

Even if you're cold proof you need some warm food after a stroll like this.
The place seemed to be doomed – it opened twice during one season to succeed on the third(locals hope it would be the last one) with the totally new menu. The food is not only filling but also original and versatile. They serve cream polenta bone marrow, pasta with beef cheeks and beetroot and chocolate cake with cherry sauce. The interiors are sleek monochrome and lights are dimmed – maybe it was inspired by the nearby Baron Stieglitz's State Academy of Monumental and Industrial Arts and Design, so to ruin the peace come in a loud gang and confuse immaculately white shirt clad waters.

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Try it on in Hopeshop

The tiny store with clothes and accessories is hiding in a quite Mokhovaya Street and the sign is not crying loud either. Inside you will find stuff for girls the owners bring from Seoul but their best are coats and dresses by St. Pete designers Chereshnya. They are so elegant, feminine and romantic quoting the 60s, Dior’s New Look and Turgenev's novels. A typical romantic girl from St. Pete would definitely wear them.

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Have a drink in Cousteau

Why not having a drink before dinner? Check this tiny bar in Zhukovskogo and maybe you will be back for more.
If you loved Jacques Yves Cousteau and his crew in the childhood and everything you know about maritime life is from his shows you will also love the bar. The owners know what nostalgia is so they painted the walls dark blue and rejected crazy parties – here people come for conversations, sophisticated cocktails and good coffee. Lone wanderers are welcome – bartender won’t disturb you. The only thing to beware is a tricky mirror in the bathroom to avoid smashing the wall.

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Dinner at Syrnaya Lavka 2

Lavka 1 was a store only but the owners took a risk and arranged a small restaurant with a rotating menu, where cheese is in the limelight – you can try tomato soup with mozzarella, baked beet with cheese, pasta, eggplant parmesan salad – whatever comes to the chef's mind. They also have a good wine selection and, naturally, a perfect cheese platter. You can take some away together with homemade parmesan or basil cookies. Saturdays are time for fresh cheesecakes – not a single is left by 3 pm.

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