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What if you find yourself in the city in the middle of a white night?

Explore the sky in Solaris lab

For the best views go up on the roofs: if you find the right one, the entire city will be in your hands plus splendid clouds and amazing atmosphere. Go to the ancient mansion in Pirogova, 18 to the rooftop Cupola: it offers a viewing point and great coffee for petty price (a cup of coffee or tea will be 200 roubles maximum and the owners really care about the beans). They close only at 2 am, so you will have a chance to see the dawns changing.
The view is one of the best – Saint Isaac's Cathedral hanging with all its splendor over the roofs of Kolomna houses resembling those from Dostoyevsky novels. The only minus is location: the place is far from touristy paths and serves no food, so you’d better have dinner in advance.

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Drink a shot on the go

St.Pete's main bar street – Rubinsteina is the place to be on a white night. If you need to catch up with your friends head there and hop from venues – you will definitely find them or make some new ones. To get some energy, go to Georgrafia where they have a bar window for those who don't have time to drink inside. It's simple – you reach the window, order a set of shots, drink them down and move on. If you go inside, as the restaurant's name suggests, the menu is all about cuisine from all around the world: tuna and strawberry tartar, Thai soup and Olivier salad with chicken and prosciutto. The interior is wood and warm yellow colors which is perfect for a second date or a family dinner. Just remember – Fridays and Sats are bar time and the place could be packed.

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Cruise the canals

Smart owners of boats and river trams got it right: white nights are no time for sleep but perfect for a ride along the canals. There is no bright sun, the sky is pinkish and covered with the lacy curves of bridges – just fantastic. For those who are cold they offer blankets and warm tea. Canals are great to view the city from a totally new angle and, moreover, boats are technically not allowed to sail to Neva when the bridges are drawn. So you can sail to Neva from Fontanka, then move to Moika, Zimnyaya Kanavka (Winter Canal), back to Neva again and under the Trinity Bridge to the Palace Embankment and Fontanka. Tickets cost from 400 roubles and include a tour. At night the price may reach 700 roubles.

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Hanging out on Vasilyevsky Island

If you have never spent a night on Vasilyevsky Island you are not a true St.Pete resident who has missed the bridge drawing. In this case you should head to Edda café in Birzhevoy Lane. The owners follow the Viking code so they offer soups, salads and burgers and their main specialty – craft beer so strong that you could go to the nearby Makarova Square and sing hymns to Odin. And then it will be time for bridges to open, you to go home and you’ll cover the distance easily.
The owners are enthusiasts whose motto is Nordic: eat a lot and drink even more, so be really prepared: their venison burger is huge, a dessert can pass for a dinner and the guys are always ready to join you in sing and dance.

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A Night Picnic

Night picnic are always so mystical, just take your wellies, healthy snacks and sports gear – night badminton sounds so fancy. The best location will be the Park of the 300th Anniversary of St.Petersburg: it's opened at night, really green, has great comfy lawns and a beach to enjoy the early morning water and the mist.

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See the Admiralty Wharves

Kolomna is traditionally neglected by tourists, but has lots to offer despite its reputation: from the Trinity Cathedral to Griboyedov Canal bridges. Don't be lazy and walk to Repin Square to enjoy the view on the Admiralty Wharves. The giraffe-resembling constructions remind you that St.Pete is not palaces and museums only but a port , where from you can sail to any country in the world if you wish. Just beware of locals some of them are not that romantic when you’ll be admiring the view at night.
The Wharves are also the starting point of St.Pete – Peter the Great created is as a maritime city and needed ships for his new capital, so in 1704 a place to build them appeared. The wharves are still functioning – here they make, design and upgrade civil and military vessels.

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A Fire on the Beach

Spend white nights out of the city, it will be even more impressive. The best way to do this is to drive to the Laskovy Beach in Solnechnoye – you can take a bus or a shuttle bus from Chernaya Rechka, Staraya Derevnya, Parnas or Prosopekt Prosvescheniya subway. They run from early hours till late at night. The beach begins with a huge parking lot for several hundreds of vehicles, has nice changing cabins and a spacious concrete promenade along the beach where you can ride a skate, rollerblades or a bike among pines and dunes.
Must dos are bathing in the gulf (if the weather is fine), beach volley and a fire on the bank – no beach party can do without it. It’s lovely and warm as St Pete summers can be chilly.

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Check out Vosstaniya Street

While Rubinsteina Street is crowded, bar-packed and well lit, the nearby Vosstaniya Street has "members only" dark bars for those who appreciate simple interiors and talk. One of such places is Bazin Bar, named after a Courier movie character. The owners give no clues why, either in the interiors nor in the menu. The place is dark, tiny with an ascetic choice of drinks, snacks and coffee. Wine (red, white and rose) and cider comes for 200 robles, vodka is paired with herring and desserts are home made pastry. The bartenders are all well-known and can taste their own cocktails when no one is watching. Visit the place with a good vis-à-vis to talk till dawn and leave with the feeling that you've solved half of the eternal philosophical questions.

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Fool out with Cyclists

Cyclists love white nights - all bar parking lots are packed, lone riders try to bypass drunk strollers and cycling groups own the traffic. If you have a bike or just love it go to Fixed Lab in Kovensky Lane. It is a super popular workshop and a kind of club that arranges joint rides, contests and races. They welcome anyone and will fix anything or give some advice. And if you come on weekend they will offer you treats.
The frequenters are so versatile: school kids, cycling veterans, inked hipsters and tiny girls who urgently need to fix something. You will feel at home, for sure.

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Prodykty Cafe Bar

Any white night stroll has a chance to end at 5 am, which means you will hardly find a place to eat after a tiresome night. So your option is a 24/7 joint that serves hot omelet and coffee. The legendary Prodykty cafe bar is a salvation for local party goers, only the strongest come here in the morning to wait for the opening of bridges or subway.
They munch on tuna or Adygei cheese sandwiches, soups or pastry (go for profiteroles, just ask not to heat them). Don't forget your coffee and cherry beer to enjoy your first morning trolleybus ride home along the just washed streets.

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